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Hacker whose formal title would be

I am driven to code by my passion for learning new technologies, inability to let problems go unsolved, and the reward of transforming an idea into reality.

My experiences range from writing my own frameworks to supporting bulky systems and one-day hackathons to prototyping with iterative development and user-testing, all the while working with a multitude of languages, frameworks, and technologies.

Software Developer

Designed and built an aggregate risk management system in C#, WPF, and SQL using MVVM, PRISM, and WebServices for code organization and scrum method for agile development.

Created executable utilities to test server connectivity and data quality in Java using Maven, Spring, and IntelliJ for development tools.

Wrote a reconcilliation tool to identify messaging errors across servers using Ruby

Ran in the Wall St Health and Wellness 5K

Majored in IS and HCI w/ minor in CS

Created a solitaire game that uses eye tracking for game interactions with iterative development and user testing strategies to find the best interaction techniques

Built interactive website to show social risks per country using GWT and javascript with google docs as a DB

Coded a distributed file system using fuse library

Chaired the activities board committee that brought comedians with a $35,000 budget

Course assistant for Intro/Interm. Java programming

When I’m not hacking you can find me playing guitar, jogging by the river, and exploring New York City. I’m an avid football, baseball, and basketball fan. If I had a superhero power it would be the ability to fly, I enjoy sleeping face down on the pillow, and my life goal is to travel the world. I’ll try anything once!